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New Years Eve Report and a Lidl madness- 05 January 2011
  The hangover has finally gone, but only just. Why is it a good idea to have a whiskey (100ml - single Bulgarian measure) at the stroke of new year when you are already 3 sheets to the wind! It is always a good idea at the time, but the morning after doubt begins to seep in.

Annie was over for a well deserved break, and we invited another Anglchanka from a neighbouring village along (Elsa). The evening started slowly, but being relatively new to New Years celebrations were not prepared for what the locals can manage. In that you should carry on drinking until it is light! I got no where near the break of dawn, but have been informed that Ilyas and Aziz most certainly did. Hikmet the barman was to say the least not enthralled by stamina!

Annie with a sparkler

I have stolen these pictures from Elsa, as I didn't take any, the originals can be found, along with her diary of life in Bulgaria here. The main celebration at midnight is a firework display, and from our vantage point outside the pub a great view of all the surrounding villages setting off fireworks could be seen.

Ilyas enjoying a sparkler

Back at the end of November, the discount supermarket chain 'Lidl' opened a branch in the local metropolis that is Kardjali. Now when Lidl opens a new shop in the UK, the majority of the populace probably doesn't bat an eyelid. Here however, with promotions including banana's at 50 stotinki a kilo, it has caught the attention of the populace. So much so that banana's have been restricted to 4 kilos per person, for those willing to spend three hours in a queue. To date no less than 6 ambulances have been called to the store to revive customers, who either got excited at the promotion or just squashed in the rush! I await the opening of Aldi with trepidation!


Welcome to the 'Gud' Life, the home of self Reliant living on the internet. If you are interested in becoming more self reliant, or thinking of selling up and doing it for real you will find all you need to know right here. Written by someone who has done just that. Learn from my many mistakes

  A Quick Note On The Info Given On This Site

Dear All, the information on this website is given as is, I am not a solicitor, and believe the world would be a better place without them. If you follow the advice on this site, and use your common sense you will not come to any harm. I cannot and will not guarantee any of the information here, it is just based on my experience, and I am always willing to learn. Life after all is a learning experience. If you know of better or improved techniques please share them and I will update the site as neccessary. Enjoy and be happy. TGL 

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