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A Night in the Pub - 1 August 2011

So there I was on Friday, minding my own business bottling tomatoes (not a kilner jar in sight) when Ilyas my next door neighbour obviously thinks it is all a bit quiet for 7 o'clock on a Friday and turns up at my house with a plate full of gutted and beheaded fish from the local river see clean pants entry here. So out comes the frying pan some flour and enough salt to raise the blood pressure of a whale. There was obviously more fish than two people could eat so we phoned around to see who would like to come and share. Gunai back from working in Rotterdam is keen to take up the challenge and comes armed with 8 litres of beer to add to the bottle of gin that had some how sneaked into my fridge.

One of the great things about Bulgaria is the price of booze - I know beer is bad, smoking is bad, eating salty food is bad. So what, I will die young, but I will die with a smile on my face. Unlike all those righteous bastards, who will live to a 100 and be down right unhappy everyday of their life trying to stop me enjoying mine. Oops! Rant over, anyway booze in Bulgaria - the gin costs less than tonic. Whats not to like!

So with the beer supply running low, and darkness encrouching in my garden we decide it is best to head to the pub, taking with us the remaining fish and a watermelon out of my back yard.

Ilyas and Gunai at the pub
Ilyas & Gunai

Three Beer Experts
Beer, Fags, & Salty food = 3 happy men!

The fish finally got finished with the help of Halid the sheep farmer. My Bulgarian is now good enough to have a decent conversation, in fact the more beer I drank the more fluent I became. Ilyas even speaks the odd word of Welsh 'Yak-e-Dar'. The main topic of conversation was the making of Rakia. Which for all its translations of brandy, whiskey is in fact nothing other than moonshine. Last year purely in the intrest of science I decided to give it go the results are here. This year the plum/damson thingy tree (Sliven) in the garden next to mine has had a bumper crop and between me and Ilyas we have harvested about 300kgs of fruit which is fermenting away and should be ready to be distlled in about a months time. Outside estimates are about 30 - 40 litres of loopy juice, we are considering investing in an oak barrel to mellow it a bit as well.

Plum Damson or thingy!
Not sure what they are. Sliva in Bulgarski.

On the downside with temps reaching 38C during the day, this is not the time of year to have a hangover!Ouch!


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