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Pear Grafting & Man Flu - 21 March 2011

One of my next door neighbours is a master of all trades and at 67 years old is more sprightly than I am most days. He can often be seen on his roof making repairs or sweeping the chimney. So when I made an attempt to graft some pear cuttings on to some wild root stock he decided that the silly 'Ingleez' shouldn't do this unsupervised (probably a good idea). In fact after about 2 mins he took control and did it for me.

Pear graft

It is not a difficult procedure, first of all we cut the old tree down near to the base. Then inserting the cuttings inbetween the outer bark and the main trunk as this is where the sap rises quickest. This is then sealed off with plasticine and made waterproof with bits of old plastic.

Hopefully they should take in a couple of weeks and we should get pears within a couple of years.

I am not sure what they think of my attempt at gardening, especially my new 'Colditz' style cow prevention system. I think mainly I am a source of amusement. Which for me is no problem. Especially all the help I recieve from them.

Man Flu

For the last two days I have been suffering from a bad case of man flu. As with most men the idea of going to see a doctor for anything less than amputation seems a ridiculous notion. So I am suffering in silence and trooping on. Well I have no choice as Annie is in the UK at the moment and I have no one to wipe my brow or rub 'vicks' on my chest!


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