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Pets in Paradise - 31 July 2010

  Prior to the unexpected windfall and thus our move to Bulgaria, Dominic and I had settled into the mundane life of the Jones's. I was working and getting paid a handsomely amount of money and Dominic was expanding his mind by doing a Maths and Physics degree. We had the house (actually still do, that's why I'm stuck in Blighty…. I digress), the car, the standing orders, fortunately minus the 2.4 children and 2 cats - Dave and Alan.

Dave The Cat Alan The Cat

Now I'm one of these people who believe that 'a pet is for life, not just for christmas'. If there is one thing that gets my goat is how people can neglect, abuse and abandon animals. Actually there are a couple of things that rattle my Karma but I won't bore you with those. Anyway, back to Pets in Paradise.>br>
Basically, I thought it would be very wrong to leave the two behind, the two being Dave and Alan. Unlike Dom, I like to do things properly and boy did it cost me dearly. Having searched many websites, scanned expat website etc, I made an appointment with Mr Vet. (It did make me chuckle when Dave Lewis and Alan Lewis were called into the surgery). So Rabies jab, pet passport and microchips later, I was presented with a shocker of a bill!!!! Some £260.

Although I do not regret from one minute taking the cats over, I do feel somewhat pained by their travelling experience. We did get some pet equivalent of Valium to chill them out but being stuck in a travel box (oh yes, additional costs) for three days in the autumn heat is no fun for man or beast. Do cats suffer from travel sickness?

Never in a million years will I ever get those two cats back into a cat carrier. I believe they are scarred for life.

However, I do believe they have forgiven me. They love the Bulgarian life. To show their appreciation we have been brought field mice, lizards and even a rat. Dave has learnt that attacking a tortoise is pointless and knows to avoid chickens. In summer, we only see them at food time, especially when we have a bbq, sleeping out in the derelict building next door. However winter is another story. They love nothing more than to sleep under the wood burner (who can blame them when temp reaches -15).

Dave in Winter

< p align="left"> So points to consider if thinking of taking pets to Bulgaria:

  • Cost: ok so we did not get stopped once during the journey. I think the passports are only needed if you plan to bring them back to the UK - ain't going to happen to Dave and Alan. Microchips are a waste of time. Microchipping has not reached rural Bulgaria. Also, if you do intend on bringing them back consider the hassle of having to get a rabies test done 6 months before you intend on coming back.
  • Cat food: another source of amusement to the locals is that we buy cat food for our very spoilt cats. Local cats survive on the scraps. Cat food is therefore quite expensive.
  • Vets: The vets in rural Bulgaria specialise in cows, sheep and goats. I should imagine that working on cats would require working from a textbook.
  • Girl cats: See above - Vets. I would therefore recommend that you get your female cat done before you come over otherwise one cat could become a lot more. There are a lot of stray cats and basic instinct is basic instinct at the end of the day.
Hope you have found this article of use. If you need more info please contact us on tgl@thegudlife.com


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