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St. George's Day - 06 May 2011

Englands patron Saint gets a bigger holiday in Bulgaria than in England itself. Although here he is not renowned for killing mythical creatures but for being the patron of sheperds, and of course military personnel!

St. George gets a full bank holiday in Bulgaria, which this year gave into a long weekend. So was probably even more popular than normal. It is traditional for families to cook and eat a whole lamb. My neighbour Halid, who just happens to be a sheep farmer with 250 fresh lambs does a very brisque trade in the run up. As a full time shepherd, it is traditional to wash your face with the morning dew so as to wash away winter with the freshness of spring. Not sure how well these traditions are kept up, but the cooking and eating of lamb was certainly happening.

This week also (allegedly) saw the demise of Mr Bin-Laden. Is it me? Or is it really quite distasteful to see pictures of crowds cheering someones murder throughout the USA, and they wonder why terrorist groups target them. Maybe it is just me.

By all accounts some toff got married in the UK at the tax-payers expense as well, being a hardcore republican (not the American Type - slightly to the left) this thankfully passed me by. Also as a non-UK taxpayer I didn't foot the bill just wish the news websites would give me something else to look at. Not sure which was worse, cheering Americans or cheering British tax-payers the world has gone mad!

Just read this through I sound right misreable - so think I should go up the pub and drown my sorrows (thats my excuse). Hopefully there might be some bits of roasted lamb left over!


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