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Nuhrans Wedding- 24 January 2011
  My next door neighbours son got married yesterday, I am not normally a big fan of weddings in the UK, a bit too much pomp, speeches, and waiting around so when invited to attend I wasn't really that bothered. However Turkish weddings do it differently, no religious service, no long painful speeches or endless toasts to the bride and groom. They do away with all that and get straight on to the party stage. The wedding itself was held in the local school hall and comfortably seated 300 guests. On arrival the tables were lined with beer spirits and even the odd soft drink. The men got straight down to the business of drinking the brandy(grodovo) and ouzo(mastika) which is quite a sight at 12:00. The music then started up, a clarinet with one volume setting - extremely loud. This stopped all conversation and concentrated everybody upon there task of getting drunk!

Dancing was compulsory

As the beer was consumed so the dancing started, the more beer that was drunk the more people took to the dance floor! After the first hour dancing was compulsory for everyone with enough limbs, there were a few legless already.


So after 5 hours of drinking mixed with some dancing everyone heads back to the vilage in the courtesy bus. The party though does not end there and everyone filed into the pub.

More dancing

I had a great time, this morning I had a bit of a sore head though, goodness knows why.

The father of the groom


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