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Ty Bach - 28 Oct 2010
  Translation from welsh: small house This is a subject not normally discussed, however, in light of the recent news reports on squat toilets being introduced in Rochdale shopping centre and subsequent discussions with colleagues, I think it is time. The reason for the introduction of the said squat toilets in Rochdale has been introduced due to a cultural awareness course. This article is not about ethnic, religious rights etc. This article is a 'bog' standard article about the standard Bulgarian toilet. Pun intended.

Now, I really do not see what the issue is. In some respects, the squat toilet could be considered the more healthy option. I mean exposing yourself to bleach and toxic cleaning product to get that germ-free rim cannot be good for you or the environment. However, the sit down does have its advantage - they are inside the house. This is particularly useful when it is pouring with rain/snowing and for the 2am wee stop. Anyway, after years of use…. and the clay soil that surrounds our toilet (i.e. it is not draining away), it is time for Dominic and I to decide whether to squat or not to squat. As I refuse to get someone (as it has been recommended by the locals) to empty our existing toilet with a bucket, we either need to dig another pit or go for the plush flush system.

I started to write this article some month ago and was concerned about what the locals would think. Keeping with the traditions of how the locals live was very important to me and did not want them to think 'bloody english'. However, it has come to light that Dom and I are behind the times and at least 2 houses now have the sit down toilet and they are very proud about it! So the decision has been made. 'Keeping up with the Hassan's has hit the rural village of Bulgaria. Annie

Our toilet in winter


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