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A Walk in The Woods - 03 Novemeber 2010
  Today I have had some time off from the self reliant garden. I have taken a stroll through the forest that surrounds my village. The weather has been very knid and although a little nippy in the morning the sun has been out and there has not been a breath of wind.

My village is named Samodiva. Which according to Bulgarian folklore, is a woodland fairy. Our village is aptly named as it is on the edges of a large forest. So today I decided to go and explore. I should point out to the health and safety nuts, that there are bears in Bulgaria, and wolves too. No bears are to be found near me but one of my neighbours has recently lost sheep and he suspects wolves may be to blame when found the remains. I though went completely unarmed, apart that is from my camera amd I survived to tell the tale!!

Samodiva Forest 1

It is also mushroom season here as I have previously mentioned, although the ones I came across didn't look that appetising.

Samodiva Forest Mushrooms 1

The forest splits into sections of mainly pine ever greens, and then is broken by small glades of broad leaf mainly oak but also acacia and some with white bark which I don't know the name of!

Samodiva Forest 2

As for the name or edibility of the mushrooms that I came across, who knows perhaps I shall have to invest in a book to find out.

Samodiva Forest 3

Legend has it that if a man captures a glimpse of a Samodiva he is never heard from again. Needless to say that I didn't come across one. I may have run into a wild boar though, but he was far to fast for my camera.

Samodiva Forest 1

The forrest is a wonderful place to visit, within five minutes walk from my house I feel as though I am completely cut off from the whole world.

Samodiva Forest 4

Samodiva Forest 1

Samodiva Forest 1

Samodiva Forest 1


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