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Cat Shit - 05 June 2011

We bought our two cats out to Bulgaria, for some strange reason I am yet to fully understand. Cats can be quite useful, and certainly help to keep the rodent population in check. But, why, why, WHY do the little buggers think that everytime I prepare a seed bed and rake it over, that what I am in fact doing is preparing the ground not for seeds but for them to use as a toilet!

They then do this 'pretend to bury it' thing which has no effect on its concealment, or for thet matter the smell. But has disastrous effects on anything I may have planted there in the 5 mins before they crapped on it.

Cat poo aside, June is a time of the promise to come in my garden with a bit of rain and lots of sun, everything is shooting up and the first few things can already start to be harvested. I spent a total of 3 seconds collecting my one and only cherry. I planted the tree when we first got here (nearly three years ago) and it has so far produced 1 cherry!

Our first cherry

Everything else is (weeds apart) doing great and it won't be long until we have new potatoes (now bug free). Followed shortly by my first lot of peas.

The food plots


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