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Deep Bed Gardening - Method - 16 Oct 2010

  I have had a few days away from the garden, and am now back into it if only the planning stage. My not to be out down next door neighbour, has delivered me some mushrooms (5 Kg) which he picked for free after my diabolical attempt at using spore kits from the UK. He took great pleasure in giving my the carrier bag full, and telling me that it took him 15 minutes to gather them.

My Free Mushrooms

He did not even enquire as to how my mushroom farm was going on!

Next year I am attempting a drive towards more efficiency in the garden. I want to grow more in less space. This is not due to alck of space, but more to do with inherrant laziness on my behalf, and I want to get one over on my neighbours, that smile and roll their eyes at my attempt at growing my own food.

According to my 'bible' John Seymours - The Way to Self Sufficiency. The best approach to this isusing something called the deep bed method. According to his book I might be able to increase the yield by upto 50% on some crops. The down side is the initial work that has to be put in. Double digging!

The deep bed method basically put is the preparation of the soil through double digging and only doing so in thin and long beds. The secret after doing the hard work is never to stand on the soil and compress it. Not only does this reduce the amount of time spent digging every year. As a quick once over with a fork is sufficent, but as the the soil is uncompressed to a good depth, the amount of things grown can be considerably increased. As the roots head downwards and not sideways, which means things can be grown closer together.

I have already detailed how I am going to grow my potatoes only in containers from next year, after this years success in my old tyre collection, so next year I will have trials of tomatoes and cucumbers in deep beds and normal growing conditions.

Unfortunately this means some double digging! My back is aching just at the thought of it!


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