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Self Reliance in Early September - 2 Sep 2010

  Although we are still deep in summer, most of the crops here have finished. My greenhouse after the little bit of rain we had has sprouted a very late watermelon, it is probably to late to ripen but I can't bring myself to kill it just in case!

My second lot of beans planted last week are growing like 'jack in the beanstalk' and I didn't have to trade a cow for them!

My leeks for winter have now all been planted to their final resting place until they plucked out of the ground in deepest winter.

And my 'tryfid' of Samodiva is now nearly 2 metres tall and has sprouted some dreadlocks.

The weather is magnificent, this is a picture taken from my back garden, showing the only clouds in the sky.

And here is a view from the front showing the other half of my village, the mountains in the background is Greece.


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