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French Beans Second Time Lucky? - 24 Aug 2010

  My crop of French beans this year has left quite a lot to be desired, I think I have probaly only managed to harvest about twice of what I actually planted. This sort of ratio does not really make any sense especially the work that goes into planting, weeding and growing the things. I have been aound the village to see if it is just my crop that has failed to work, and unfortunately this seems the case.

What I did find out though is that due to the long summers we have here and due to the speed that beans grow it is quite possible to get a second crop in after the first has been harvested. I have therefore planted a second test crop to see if this practice is worth while. Due to lack of rain in August though I shall have to be water the crops quite frequently. So to see if this complies with my self reliant lifestyle I have grown a 3 square metre patch I will let you know the results when they get harvested in two months or so.

The added bonus is that I will get two lots of fresh green beans to eat as well the ones I dry and store (as above)


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