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  How Much Food Shall I Grow

This can be answered quite easily, as much as you can. Even if you can't eat it yourself you can always give it away to friends and neighbours, if they aren't growing their own. It might even convert a few as well. I have no such problem out in Bulgaria. Everyone of my neighbours grows as much if not more than me. Last year (2009) I grew the following and apart from bread(my wheat failed miserably) oil, and cheese, I pretty much grew enough to survive on with a bit spare.

  • 40 Tomato plants - Yield ~150Kg

  • 20 Cucumber plants - More than I could eat in salad, and 5 jars of gherkins

  • 60 Pepper Plants - About 1Kg a plant

  • 10 rows of potatoes - Enough for two people easily

  • 2 rows of broad beans - 4 Kg

  • 400 Onions - Guess what 400 onions!

  • 20 Aubergine Plants - About 3 or 4 a plant

  • 40 Sweetcorn Plants - 1 or 2 cobs a plant

  • 4 rows of carrots - More than I could eat

  • 2 rows of parsnips - More than I could eat

  • 2 rows of leeks - Great in the winter for fresh veg.

  • 2 rows of broccoli (not again in Bulgaria, too hot and dry)

  • 10 cabbages (winter) - 10 Cabbages

  • 2 Rows of cut and grow lettuce (this even survived the winter -15C and is blooming again this year)

  • 2 Row of runner beans - Just about right for two people

  • 4 rows of French beans - Enough for fresh green beans and 10 tins of baked

  • 1 row of beetroot - About 50 roots

  • 1 row of radish (then realised I don't actually like the stuff)

  • 1 packet of mushroom spores (failed miserably - and they grow wild in the forest locally)

  • 30 or so garlic - 30! Or so

  • 1 row chilli peppers - 15 to 20 a plant

  • 2 rows of spinach - Cut and re-grow just like the lettuce

  • 2 rows of peas - Not a lot will be growing lots more about 1Kg last year.

I have grown more of some crops this year and less of others, and am trying a few other things as well, just to see what grows well on my soil (hard clay). I am lucky though one of my neighbours is a sheep farmer with 250 sheep, and is more than happy to get rid of all his manure, and give it to me. So I am expecting a bumper crop of potatoes this year (2010). It is always better to grow more than you need, than to go hungry. So if you have the land and the time to garden it you might as well.





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