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Not Always a Good Crop - 24 July 2010

  The problem with trying to grow most if not all of your own food, is that sometimes you are at the mercy of the weather.

Last year for instance, grew over 60 tomato plants and completely over did it, salad everyday during the summer and over 100 jars of bottled tomatoes for the winter of which I ate about 60.

So this year I completey scaled back on the tomatoes to 25 plants, thinking this would be more than adequate. Unfortunately the weather man has not been on my side this year and late June and early July just as my plants were in flower we had two weeks of Welsh weather descend on us in Southern Bulgaria!.

My Poorly Tomatoes

The tomato and cucumbers, as well as my grapes have suffered terribly. The wine may have to be more parsnip, than merlot this year. Luckily due to the glut of tomatoes last year I have just enough for salad this year, and will be finishing off last years bottled ones this winter.

I am contemplating a small poly tunnel for next year just in case for the tomatoes and cucmbers, this is an extra expense not only for the tunnel but the extra watering that will be required. It does however give you a certain guarantee of at least some crops, so I see it as insurance against the weather.

The strange weather we have been having has also affected my bees, they have made plenty of honey for themselves but have yet to make any for me! I wasn't planning on feeding them during winter so if I am to get any honey it will have to be in the next month or so.

On the upside my potatoes have really done quite well with all the extra rain as have my beans, and the peppers seem unaffected as well. I suppose it is all swings and roundabouts though.


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