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Potatoes in Containers - 21 Aug 2010

  I have concluded my thesis on potato growing and am ready to release the results. After struggling getting last years crop of potatoes out of the ground, and knowing that I had probably left a good few in there as well, I decided this year to grow some in containers (well stacks of old tyres).

The difference in results is quite amazing. I have based my work on the concept of efficent growning. Ie how much time and work was required to grow x amount of potatoes. My maths teachers would be proud - finally a use for algebra!

Normal trench dug potatoes.

Spring digging, manuring and planting - 8 hours.
Weeding and earthing up - 4 hours.
Harvesting (August) - 6 hours.
Yield of potatoes - 62Kg in 18 hours of (hardish) work = 3.44 Kg per hour!

Container Sample(old tyres)

My Potatoes from my tyres
My potatoes from my tyre stack.

Digging and planting - 5 mins.
Earthing up (adding a tyre and soil) - 1 hour (approx 20 min a tyre)
Harvesting (push over tyres and pick) - 20 mins
Yield of potatoes(1 container 3 tyres high)- 6.2Kg in 1.41 (easyish) hours = 4.37Kg per hour!

A clear winner, so instead of rows and rows of potatoes from now on i shall have rows of containers. I shall try and explain my method to the pub tonight. They already think I am a bit mad - no doubt this will confirm it.


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