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The Sap is Rising - 05 March 2011

Long gone are the days of winter where the main objective of the day was just to keep warm, now the persperation comes with the spring dig of the garden and the planting of this years food crops. As well as the staple foods which the majority of the village grow, as I have quite a big garden (or in UK language bloody huge) I have dedicated part of it as a fruit orchard. I bought the saplings at the local market in Djebel and they have been in for two years now, so I am expecting my first fruits this year (if only a taster of what is come in following years as the trees mature.

I have in total 12 trees in my orchard, including cherry, pear, apple, peach, nectarine as well as the ones that were already there which are some type of plum/damson and are locally known as 'Jankey' or 'Sliven' trees. Which by all accounts make great brandy (Rakia) see here.

Well this is the time of the year when the trees are advertising there wares to the bees and other insects to secure pollination and what a sight it is.

The plum/damson tree in flower

My new cherry tree although not as good looking as the mature plum tree is promising enough cherry at least to grace the odd cocktail!

My Cherry tree with 20 odd flowers

So this year I will be on scrounge for cherries to make more cherry wine (cherry wine recipe here)


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