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  My attempt At Self Reliant Living

  Introduction 4 June 2010
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  Steps To Becoming More Self Reliant



There are two main methods to becoming more self reliant. You can live as you are and try and provide all the things that you want. Or you can reduce the things you want down to the things you actually need. When people speak to me about being self sufficient, one of the phrases I hear most is. 'Oh I couldn't live without that'. When in truth, if you can provide yourself with food and shelter you actually can do without quite a lot that is deemed essential in the modern world. That is not to say, that I don't indulge myself from time to time. You need only look at the brewing section of this website to realise that not all luxuries have been forsaken in my new lifestyle. However, we have given up what some people believe are essential to life.


This was probably the easiest thing to give up, and in fact I have not owned a television for nigh on 10 years. Although the television licensing people in the UK don't seem to accept the fact. Believe me, life without depressing soaps, imbecilic 'X-Factor' shows, 'Big Brother', and all manner of other trash that are served up as entertainment, you will not only not miss it. After a while you will never consider going back to it. Not only that you will have a lot more free time to pursue other more interesting and productive pursuits.

Supermarket Shopping

Have you ever gone into a supermarket, finished buying some meagre supplies, gone through the checkout paid over your 60 or whatever. Then looked in the trolley and thought I have actually got nothing but tat. Although as you were placing individual items in your trolley, not one item stood out as expensive, when totalled up it is quite shocking that you have spent 60 on nothing more than the provisions for one meal.
Growing some or all of your own food will not only provide you with fresh and healthy food to eat but will also reduce the amount you spend.

Power Consumption

This has really become a hot topic of late, the worlds population increases, the consumption of power increases per person, the worlds resources of power decreases. Something is going to go wrong sooner or later, I am thinking sooner. The optimists believe science will provide the answer, maybe cold fusion production of electricity, more efficient electrical appliances etc etc. The pessimists predict global meltdown and war over energy resources such oil and gas (Iraq/Iran anyone). There is a third way. We could try stopping population growth, using less power per person, and using the newer technologies to improve the way we produce and consume power.

World population data from google.





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