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Time To Start The GUD Life


Dear Successful Woman (that’s you!)

Many years ago, one of my mentors asked me a question that literally changed the direction of my life.
The question was simple but appropriately intrusive: “Are you happy?”

I looked at her smiled and began to list my accomplishments, the degrees, the titles, the clients, all of the things I bragged about in my bio and that were impressive to other people.

She smiled her knowing smile and in a grandmother tone said “Baby, I know you are successful, but are you happy?”

It was the first time I had to verbally and audibly admited to myself that I had purchased, worn and repeated my programming. The programming that told me professional success equaled happiness. It was also the first time that I sat face-to-face with the reality that my programming was faulty, success, or at least success as I had defined it was not even closely related to happiness. I was successful but not happy and in that moment I vowed to change that.

I…download my Free e-book to find out what I did to change from a mess to a masterpiece. 

In that moment my mentor told me that when I found happiness I would be unstoppable and she could not have been more on target.

Since then, I’ve grown to embrace the power of living every day to the fullest, enjoying the journey and embracing what comes good or bad.  I am truly Getting Up Daily, living The GUD life. 

My mentor had predicted that once I tapped into what I now call The GUD Life I would begin to see BIGGER transformation in my professional life and I would transform others through keynote speeches, workshops, coaching and trainings. And of course, she was right! (As mentors usually are…)

As a result of taking the steps to living The GUD Life I had major career and professional success (details in the free e-book download) but those things are not living the GUD Life.  What made my situation a situation of living The GUD Life was that I got to experience professional success while being happily married, enjoying my children, taking my mother on an all expenses paid trip to Paris for Mother’s Day and going to Euro Disney with the entire family with no cell phone attached to my ear, my hand or my hip. I live everyday not because it might be my last but because I deserve to experience life this way and so do you.

In 2016, I made the decision that it was selfish of me to keep The GUD Life to myself. I began coaching high achieving women to live The GUD Life and that grew to speaking at conferences and now here we are, a self-paced reprogram that you can do right from the comfort of your home.

To date, I have worked with women from The Salvation Army, The Environmental Protection Agency, The US Marine Corp, Department of Defense, Kaiser Permanente and many more.

Now, I want to help YOU just like my mentor did for me by sharing with you everything I know about living The GUD Life! One of my gifts is helping high achieving, talented women be wholistic high achievers, achieving in both life and career.  Become a woman who loves your whole life and watch your professional passion flourish. You’re about to learn exactly how you can reprogram your thinking make a big impact on your life and career!


“Learn EXACTLY how you can be successful professionally and live a fulfilling life that includes self-love, romantic relationships, travel, family and friends…even if you’re just getting started!”

This Training is for you if:

  • People keep telling you there is more to life than just work

  • You have an important things to do but are always getting bogged down in the office

  • You have been trying to make time for your personal life but can’t seem to make it a priority

  • You feel afraid of getting another title but no real fulfilment

  • You want to experience the impact, income and lifestyle that comes with living life to the fullest!

Join The GUD Life 30 day re-program to change your life to the life you deserve.

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